1750$ (+ 150$ each extra hour of HOME WORK)
During 2 personal sessions we will work through your wardrobe together. I will carry out a body shape analysis and advise you on colours, fabrics, cuts and styles that work best for you.

We'll be going through your wardrobe and trying on outfits as we go. You'll begin to identify pieces that either work fabulously for you, need alteration or simply need to be stored away or gifted to your favourite charity shop.

We'll be coming up with workable 'outfits' and taking pictures for your future reference. Any gaps, identified in your wardrobe will be noted and an 'Essentials Shopping List' created with recommendations of stores to visit. You will be equipped to shop smart, buy less and buy well.

After our offline work you would have 1 hour online consultation, which could be used in the next 30 days to ask any question left (if some) or discuss a future plans. I would be more than happy to arrange a Personal shopping at this stage, if required.

up to 1 hours incl.
I always start from "Get to know each other" FREE personal consultation to discuss your requirements and goals. I will explain you the whole process and collect all the information I need to jump into the next step. I will take some pictures of you to make my BACKSTAGE WORK I and II, and I want to mention that all this information is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL and will be stored accordingly.

* DON'T WORRY! I will show you some samples of what YOU will GET from me by the end of our work. If you don't like these ideas and the way I work, you just don't make your payment and we will not jump into the next step.
up to 3,5 hours incl.
I will do a styling test for you (no exams :), it's a test to discover your preferred shapes, lines, prints etc, which will help me to know you even better.
We will create and approve references and mood boards for your future wardrobe together.
4,5 hours incl.
I will come to your home (or to the place where you bring all the seasonal clothes, shoes, and accessories) to review all the seasonal garments in your wardrobe. We will go through clothes, shoes and accessories of the current season (the usual amount is possible to go through at once is 80-100 items all together, depending how quick you are changing and taking decisions).
1 hour incl.
In the end of Wardrobe detox or next following day I will send you :
* Shopping List with items (the type of the item and recommended colour) to complete your dream wardrobe
* All looks we made during the Wardrobe Makeover
1 hour incl.
One month after our work you would have an ability to get 1 hour online consultation:
* Ask any question about your wardrobe
* Plan your next steps of wardrobe development
* You forgot to ask something during our work in person? No worries, that's your chance to fill that gap!
Styling and image making is a collective work. I believe that it is a kind of supporting coaching therapy: if you are honest with me and share your deep feelings and wishes (Don't tell the stylist that you just need a wardrobe for an office job, if the main reason is not to to build a career, but find a love of your life there. Can you feel the difference?:) But for honest answers I always have a solution :) So, be honest during your sessions with me.
My goal is to get sets for every occasion in your life. After we finish you would know exactly which pieces go together, what suits you, how to make it flatter your body and how to take maximum from your wardrobe.
Every morning would start from confident feeling that everything is under control and your style system works for, but never against you.
You get my expert opinion on what you should keep, which pieces you should store and which pieces you should sell or recycle - all aligned with your personality and body shape.
You'll be left with a wardrobe full of items that fit and flatter, and suit your personality.
We will identify clone items and items without a pair, which usually causes the biggest mess in wardrobes and also provoke buying more items that do not match your style.
We will optimise the budget, abandon spontaneous shopping, make it conscious and planned.
I must prepare you for that from the beginning. Your life will change, and I have no doubts about it. The reason is pretty simple - people would look at you and see a DIFFERENT person, the PERSON you really ARE and (what's the most important for me) always were. You just didn't give them a chance to see yourself that way, and now they wouldn't see anything less.
People are looking at us and from how we present ourselves visually they decide:
Do I want introduce myself to this lady? She is so elegant and sweet, I can't miss my chance!
She had a look of a Big Shark in that conference, probably I should talk to her about our investments!
Yes, I know you knew it, and we can't change the way people think about what they see.
But we can make our look talk to them the same language.
I will prepare a presentation with all the looks we made during the WardrobeMakeover. You will have avatars for all missing clothes, waiting for you in the SHOPPING LIST. If we plan to have a shopping together, you will get the one after that. It will include only missing items we were not able to find in the market in the current moment according to your goals and budget and/or inspiration for your future shopping.

If you would have any questions left even after our work and 1 hour Online Consultation in the next 30 days, you can always additionally purchase "Pocket's Stylist" support for one or few months.

For the Meet and Greet, you can wear a favourite outfit so that we can talk about what you like about it – it also means you'll feel confident and relaxed! I will ask you to wear no makeup.. If you wear makeup, I can't guarantee an accurate assessment. Also, you should not use any fake tan on your face or décolletage for at least two weeks prior to our appointment.
How much money do I need to work with a stylist?
I work equally well with the luxury, premium brands and individual designers. Only you decide how much you are willing to spend on shopping, and I will plan how to distribute it more rationally, and give you my thoughts how wide your shopping list can be with that budget.
I always discuss the shopping list with a client before shopping. If it does not match the budget, we will reduce the number of items and focus on the most crucial for the current moment.
For the Wardrobe STYLING, you will be trying on a lot of your clothes, therefore it makes sense to wear some zipper cardigan or hoody and joggers or a Slip Dress that is easy to get on and off.
I also recommend you wear some natural makeup and do your hair, as you'll be looking in the mirror a lot!
Yes of course, what a wonderful gift! I can mail you a beautiful gift package or an online voucher if it's too late to catch the real mail.
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