Armani was born in an average family in Piacenza, a small town south of Milan. As a young man, he was interested in theatre and anatomy. Despite those early appearances of his talent, Armani decided to go ahead and study medicine. Nevertheless, in the third year of his study it turned out that this was not his calling, so he dropped out.

By the 40th anniversary, Giorgio Armani has worked as a showcase decorator for men's fashion and also as a designer in the Nino Cerruti fashion house. He also made several individual collections under other brands before taking the important step to create his brand. In 1975, he had to sell his beloved white "VW Käfer" to finance his company.
In the 1970s he took a pinch from the strict male wardrobe and put it into the ladies' wardrobe, and vice versa. That is exactly the philosophy he preserves till today. This is how he achieves softness and balance in the final look. Armani is the one who provides women with aesthetic emancipation. In male clothing, he removes the boring perception of the suit as a uniform and offers more variations than customers could have imagined.
One of the most iconic movie scenes to demonstrate this is the "American Gigolo" movie when he dressed Richard Gere. To date, Armani has created costumes for more than 250 films.
After his appearance on the fashion scene caused a huge international blast in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Armani quickly began to offer not only clothes but also other additional items. They completed his concept of beauty and fashion. Each of them was created similarly – after the artist has been disappointed with a particular service or interior. For example, he created his chain of hotels, restaurants and cafes all over the world, which is always accompanied by his stores.
In 2006, Armani was the first designer to forbid the participation of size zero models in his fashion shows. His position is for a healthy appearance and women of normal weight and shapes. He expressed his firm opinion against anorexia by trying to unite all designers in a unified opinion not to work with models with a body mass index less than 18. The reason for that was the death of the 22-year-old Uruguayan model, Luisel Ramos, who put herself through starvation for 3 months.
He is the sole owner of his empire.

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