Capsule wardrobe with 8-12 items + 1 keynote presentation = 990$
(+ 100$ each extra item)
Your seasonal wardrobe concept which we will build for an upcoming season for you according to your current needs. After completing a special questionnaire and filling out the forms you will receive a capsule wardrobe from online shops which are available in your country.

This capsule wardrobe will be made accordingly to your body shape analysis and made from colours, fabrics, cuts and styles that would work best for you. It would help you to make the most out of your clothes.

'Seasonal CONCEPT' presentation includes 8-12 items (for some of them you would have 2-3 options to choose from, depending on what's available in the current collections) + links to buy them, as well as examples of styling and looks for new clothes and accessories.

This is one of the services, available WORLDWIDE.
To provide this service for you I would need
to receive specific information about you and your life (both - visual and written), which will
help me to create a seasonal wardrobe of
your dream. Get yourself a cup of something, have one-two hours of free time to dive into your future life goals and... fill this out!
I can't wait to get to know you!
* DON'T WORRY! I will give you a list of questions and you will just need to go through them step-by-step. No stress, rush and no travel restrictions! You can do it from your living room..
I will create a capsule wardrobe for the season which you can buy online. I will look through the current collections and present you with the best available solution according to your needs and budget. All items would have actual shapes, lengths and colours of the season which suit you. I will also add examples of looks and write some tips on how you can style your new clothes and mix them to have a big variety of outfits.
Morning would start from the smile and all your preparations would take much less time than before. Having an extra time for sleep, to read a new book or simply to cook something delicious - that's the only hard choice you will have since we finish. All of your new clothes would work well together and you will not spend hours shopping off-line and on-line.
Have you ever calculated how many hours it takes to find ONE perfect item? From our experience it takes up to 4 hours to find the desired one...for the seasonal wardrobe, it could be up to a whole working week!
So.. we just kind of made a week of your holidays, huh? Any dream destination for it?)
Knowing that all your clothes look stylish, up to date, suit you and look complimenting... isn't it a perfect feeling?
I believe that every woman styled accordingly to her needs and comfort feels better, brighter and a bit happier. So, why not try it?
Working with someone who is as aesthetically addicted as me is joyful, just believe me. I will prepare a beautiful presentation with all the items I found for your life's occasion via SEASONAL CONCEPT and you will be able to buy all of them just while sitting on your favourite sofa! No sore feet, no Excel tables..only beautiful and inspiring experience to remember (and to repeat).
By creating a capsule wardrobe we will exclude the possibility of having clone items and items without a pair, which usually causes the biggest mess in the wardrobes and also provoke buying more items which don't match your style. By having a small workable wardrobe you save space in your home, money in your pocket and time in your life. Which is obviously, the most precious gift of all.