When you think "what Wedding stylist does, actually?!", - the answer depends on what you need. Different Brides need different types of help, so here are my most common roles as a Wedding Stylist.
    Concept, venue, decor, look.
    Designing a personal style for the day; from couple's looks to the ceremony, lighting, florals, decor and furniture etc.
    Bride or/and Groom looks
    Creating looks for Bride and/or Groom, styling their "Morning story", finding a vintage dress from the picture, organising accessories and make their dreams come true - this is my responsibility as your personal Wedding Stylist.
    Bridesmaid's, Mothers', and guests' dress code
    Bridesmaids, mothers or some other guests...anyone could need some extra help! I can dress guests individually or create a Dress Code Guide for thematic wedding, to make it easier for your beloved ones.
    Creating a getaway wardrobe for a bride or newlyweds
    New life is about to start, but first...honeymoon! I will help you to get ready for the trip and create looks for upcoming occasions. You will wear every single piece you brought there and travel without unnecessary stress.
As a stylist I am aware of all current and upcoming trends and traditions that will stand the test of time.
I can help you to make your Wedding look timeless or in line with the hottest current trend - it's up to you!
For me it is important to give you choice and full understanding of textiles, cuts, fits, pricing (maybe you would like to resell your dress or save it as an iconic bespoke piece) - you will be a decision maker!
Every item we buy, will fit you perfectly! I work with many different women and men daily and understand shapes and colours very well. Do you know that WHITE dress can have more than 10 different shades? Yes, and all of them fit different Brides.
I will make sure that you will spend reasonable amount of money on your looks, and not overpay just because..."it's a Wedding".
I like to make people happy. You can be sure about it, when you are working with me (or giving me the opportunity to work with someone you love) - I will always do it not just professionally, but with patience and tact.
I love making gifts and creating surprises. No-no, I will not send you another dress or be late for your preparation :). But you can be sure that I will make your time full of small and sweet surprises. I believe that being a Bride, or Mother-of-the-Bride (or the Groom) is such a special time, and I want you to remember and have maximum of it.

Ekaterina Fussinger
Lisa is a very hardworking, detail oriented and passionate stylist who helps to bring our the best out from your own taste, body type and market trends. I was looking for a wedding dress online for quite a while, however, I couldn't make a final decision because of many concerns e.g. if a dress will really suit me, will it arrive on time, is material high quality enough etc.
Lisa easily understood my core wishes and sent me several options from different vendors varying in the price and style ranges as defined. It was really a big relief to find professional help here in all the wedding planning challenges I had.
My biggest fear was that the dress will arrive extremely late or not in the expected quality, but in reality everything turned out to be just perfect. Lisa works only with proven vendors whom you can trust in delivery and execution. My dress has fit my body so well, so I didn't need to do any kind of tailoring. The whole journey took us 1 month from the moment of my request to the moment when the dream dress was already at my home. During the wedding itself I felt like a princess, would not have changed any single thing about my look.