STYLEBOOK - your personal appearance guide
PDF presentation = 780$
Imagine how your life will change if you finally have an answer for "Does it look good on me?" every time you have it in your mind. Imagine shopping when most of the things you take to the fitting room actually fit you. Imagine looking as great in sweater, jeans and sneakers as in a dress with high heels. This becomes a reality when you know what suits you. Which color you can wear after sleepless night with no make up, and which color would need a week of seaside holidays or professionally done make up.

Being straight upfront, we are against any rules that prohibit to wear something. The StyleBook was created to support every woman looking her best effortlessly, which is possible when the cuts, silhouettes, lengths and shades working their best together with natural appearance characteristics.
This is one of the services, available WORLDWIDE.
'StyleBook' PDF presentation includes 40-50 slides with examples of silhouettes, colours, textile, lengths of each type of clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and other accessories as well as examples of styling them in the most flattering and contemporary way.
To provide this service we would need
to receive specific information about you and your lifestyle, which will help to create a StyleBook according to your body, personal goals and life enviroment.
In a few weeks, you will receive a presentation dedicated to your body composition. I will look through the current collections and present you the best available solution according to your needs and budget. All items would have actual shapes, lengths and colours of the season which suit you. I will also add examples of looks and write some tips on how you can style your new clothes and mix them to have a big variety of outfits.
StyleBook has enormous amount of great examples of modern fits, actual cuts and fittings. You would learn which type of clothes suit you and see up to date models from current collections.
An ultimate reason to invest in the StyleBook is simple - you need to do it once to use your whole life. Your taste preference or lifestyle can change, but all the information you discover about yourself will remain useful forever.
One of the big changes after having StyleBook is the way you will shop from the day one. You will start to identify the good (and the bad) choices, and this skill will be improving every day. You will start to pay attention to the textile, prints and even the neckline cut.
Let us know if you are an existing client in LS Fashion Buro and already did the StyleBook with us. We will provide you a special discount if you decide to work on your personal style and your wardrobe further in upcoming two years.
I've received my stylebook after online personal styling a few weeks ago and I still have no words to describe how cool is it! First of all Lisa is so client-oriented stylist, she feels you, your mood and passions from the first message. She doesn't just create looks, she invents your personal style DNA. She have ideal taste but most important that she pay attention to what you like, what you think is stylish, etc.
I was shocked by number of advices and ideas she gave me during the online styling session, but you can't just imagine how much important information she gave in the personal stylebook. Highly recommend her styling service as a perfect gift for someone special or for yourself!

Lisa is an amazing expert and a very client oriented business woman. She listened to me carefully and asked lots of questions to understand what exactly like need and want and made the best result I have ever had. She made a client experience as best as she can, and she could do this top notch. I just made the first step to the world of Fashion and she guided me so nice. Recommend LS Fashion Buro.