price upon request
Does the word "shopping" makes you feel exhausted?

Do you get bored and tired trying endless rails in fitting rooms, walking miles across shopping malls? Have you ever ended up with a bunch of bags full of clothes, that you still don't wear a lot? Do you shop more than two times a year because you feel "I have nothing to wear"?

PERSONAL SHOPPING - is exactly what you need! We can offer you a "tailored experience" in various cities in Europe with exclusive VIP fitting rooms from our partners and a full selection of items chosen for you, so you just come, enjoy your glass of champagne and try the things that 100% suit your style and your wardrobe! No waste of time, no running around the city....
"tailored experience"
up to 1 hour incl.
We will start from "Get to know your goal" personal consultation (online) to discuss your requirements and goals. I will explain you the whole process and collect all the information I need to jump into the next step. I will ask you to send me some pictures of you to make my BACKSTAGE WORK, and I want to mention that all these information is PRIVATE and would be stored accordingly.
1 hours incl.
I will review your profile and prepare the plan for our future shopping to spend the budget in the most efficient way.
up to 12 hours incl.
This is where the real magic is happening. One or Two days before our shopping I will go to all shops (alone or with my assistant) to review all the items in the shops, do preselection and find/order your sizes, reserve the items and book us a private fitting room (when we go luxury :) shopping). I will prepare clothes, shoes and accessories offline + list of things to order online (if something is not available offline or we go ONLINE SHOPPING in general).
up to 4 hours incl.
I will meet you in a VIP fitting room or shopping center or near boutiques we agreed to shop.
We will go straight to the fitting rooms where everything would be already prepared for you. You would only need to try new pre-selected clothes and enjoy the process!
offline, +250 CHF, 2 hours incl.
I will come to your home to create as many as possible looks with your new and existing clothes. We will photograph everything, and you will get:
* KeyNote presentation of all possible looks with items we bought, mixed with items you already own
* You will have a visual presentation of all looks
* Shopping list to complete your dream wardrobe
online, + 150 CHF
I will create and send you a KeyNote presentation which will include:
* All possible looks with items we bought during our personal shopping
* Essentials Shopping list to complete your dream wardrobe and to have even more combinations. You would be able to find these items in your current wardrobe or buy it later by yourself.
    You can request a "lighter version" of the PERSONAL SHOPPING service and book a professional stylist as an assistant for your next shopping. This service includes: "Let's Talk!", "Backstage work," various "Shopping day" hours (it does not include any pre-selection of clothes). We will make sure that every item you buy is worth the money you pay and suit you and your life a 100%!

    After the pandemic we realized that for most of us, online shopping is new, but we very much appreciated this experience.
    We can create a perfect shopping list, suggest the brands which suit you in terms of style and fit (We know brands, we tried these clothes offline, and we most likely can predict how these jeans or that dress would suit you!) and send you a presentation which can be transformed into the whole new wardrobe or seasonal update just with a few clicks, right from your living room sofa!

    Outlet private and Group Tours across Europe and United Kingdom are available!

    Carefully selected programs for the most demanding clients, combined services and much would never feel alone or deal with any problems! We got your fashion back covered.

    Can you imagine, how cool it is to take your best friends and enjoy the weekend in Milano or London while visiting hottest shopping spots in the city (check our city-services) and having a haul in the outlet!? Real Sex and the City moment!
    (online or offline)
    This service will extend the number of completed looks in your wardrobe and help to create new combinations. You will get a "digital look book" with recommendations for various occasions. "After shopping styling" can be added to any of the Personal Shopping services.