How many of you know, that behind these blue boxes and silk ribbons is the love story from mother, to her little daughter?
Yes, the story of Lanvin began in 1889, at a small hat shop in the heart of Paris, but the birth of Jeanne's daughter Marguerite in 1897 turned Lanvin's world upside down.

Jeanne Lanvin
Marguerite became her muse and Jeanne would use luxurious fabrics to design her daughter the wardrobe of every little girl's dreams. Jeanne Lanvin opened a children's clothing department in 1908 and devoted an entire section of her store to this new thriving business.
The logo, by the way, is a silhouette of a photo of Lanvin and her beloved daughter, Marguerite.

In 1909, Jeanne Lanvin opened a Young Ladies' and Women's department. Mothers and daughters would come and choose their Lanvin-brand outfits together, which is so popular and common now but was so revolutionary those days.
For her 30th birthday, Jeanne Lanvin wanted to give Marguerite, a unique perfume developed by renowned perfumer André Fraysse. When Marie-Blanche smelled this composition for the first time, featuring notes of Bulgarian rose, Grasse jasmine, honeysuckle, and lily of the valley, she exclaimed: "It's like an arpeggio." It was a complete success, and Arpège became the ultimate symbol of Jeanne's love for her daughter.
After Jeanne Lanvin passed away, her daughter Marie-Blanche became president of the company and continued to design collections until 1950. Several designers succeeded her with the ambition of keeping the brand's expertise, state of mind, and excellence intact.
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