Jil Sander, in full Heidemarie Jiline Sander, German fashion designer and founder of the Jil Sander label, noted for her luxurious understated clothing and influence on minimalist fashion.

Sander launched her first collection in 1973. Early on she became known for designing refined, stylish workwear that was expertly tailored and typically made in luxurious fabrics.
Jil Sander
Her collections, with their neutral colour palette and focus
on simplicity and wearability, stood in stark contrast to the brightly hued, highly embellished looks in the 1980s. Emphasis was
on structure and shape rather than on ornamentation and decoration.
The minimalism that Sander had espoused from the beginning began to be embraced by other designers and by the public at large; she is often recognized as being among the major designers who helped influence the minimalist style that defined the fashion of the 1990s.
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