Ralph Lauren, original name Ralph Rueben Lifshitz, American fashion designer who, by developing his brand around the image of an elite American lifestyle, built one of the world's most successful fashion empires.

From the inception of his brand, Lauren's creations were characterized by a moneyed style that evoked the look of English aristocracy as adapted by the sporty American East Coast elite.
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren:
10 Things About the Fashion Icon
He Started His Career Selling Ties
Ralph Lauren began his career in fashion as a tiemaker, selling wide ties out of a drawer in a showroom at the Empire State Building.
He Changed His Last Name From Lifshitz to Lauren
Before making a name for himself in the fashion industry, Ralph Lauren went by his birth name, Ralph Lifshitz.
He Doesn't Consider Himself to Be in the Fashion Business
Ralph Lauren famously did not attend fashion school and is known for not sketching when sketching his collections.
Ralph didn't invent
the polo T-shirt
The polo shirt is a product of a former tennis player who turned designer; Rene Lacoste. It was not until later in the 70s that Ralph took up the rights and the production of the shirts and made them iconic wear.
Ralph Lauren: the car collector
Ralph Lauren has one of the most outstanding and expensive car collections in the US. His collection has over 70 cars. On his namesake company's website, they have a whole page dedicated to his car models.
He Is an Honorary Knight
Lauren was presented with the honorary knighthood in June 2019 by Prince Charles in a private ceremony. He is the first American fashion designer to be presented with an honorary knighthood.
Ralph and the great Gatsby
He designed all the menswear in the Great Gatsby movie. He got an offer to tailor costumes for Robert Redford's character in the movie and it didn't even stop there. After that success, his clothes were featured in Woody Allen's Annie Hall. From there he made costumes for one movie after another.

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