Yves Saint Laurent, in full Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint Laurent, French fashion designer which became famous for his popularization of women's trousers for all occasions.
After completing his secondary education in Oran, Algeria, Saint Laurent left for Paris, where attended fashion school for a short time and won first prize in an international design contest.

Yves Saint
When a Vogue magazine-executive showed Christian Dior some of Saint Laurent's sketches, he was hired immediately as Dior's assistant. Yves was 17 years old at the time.
As Dior's protégé, Saint Laurent was named head of the House of Dior after Dior's sudden death in 1957. Following the New look and the A-line silhouette, he introduced more sophisticated, longer skirts and, in 1959, drastically shortened skirts. In 1960 he introduced the chic beatnik look of turtlenecks and black leather jackets edged with fur.
In 1962 Saint Laurent opened his own fashion house and quickly emerged as one of the most influential designers in Paris. Saint Laurent was known for inventing women's pantsuits in the 1970s.
He also introduced tuxedos and blazers for women called Le Smoking.
Yves Saint Laurent
Bianca Jagger wore a white YSL Le Smoking jacket to her 1971 wedding to Mick Jagger.
Le Smoking
In 1983, Yves was honoured by the Metropolitan Museum of Art with his solo exhibition. He was the first living person to be given that kind of honour.
Yves Saint Laurent
One of his most famous quotes is
"Chanel freed women and I empowered them."
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